China Repair for Grandmother’s China Platter

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If your grandmother is throwing out a chipped piece of china stored for years in her china hutch, ask her, beg her, to let you take the piece.  With proper china restoration from an experienced and talented restoration artist, the platter can be a beautiful piece for displaying on a prominent shelf or in your own china hutch.

There are a few artists, such as Luba Sokolina, who specialize in china repair and porcelain restoration.  The techniques she uses are amazing resulting in invisible repair lines and museum quality restoration.

It should be noted that these repairs do not usually allow the owners to use the plates for meals. They are used for display/decorative purposes only.

Perhaps that china platter was a gift from grandmother’s wedding so many years ago or it was the one bit of luxury she cherished, but knowing the history can make the piece so much more meaningful.  Having a professional restoration is definitely recommended for exceptional results.

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