China Doll Repair

Restoring the Beauty of Your Precious Dolls

China doll repair is a booming business because of the value that collectors and enthusiasts give to this item. If you understand the value of a china doll, you will know why many artisans and craftsmen are into china doll repair.

porcelain doll restoration

What is a China Doll?

China dolls are famous all over the world and are valued for their beauty and intricate design. The production of this type of doll was started way back in the 1840s. Since then, it has gained worldwide popularity because of its excellent workmanship and durability.

It is very valuable because every china doll that was made is unique. But what sets china dolls apart from other kinds of dolls is the excellent craftsmanship that goes into their production and the durable materials they are made of. You can see the intricate and fine details in the clothes and hairstyles of every doll that is made. This is the reason why it is a most sought-after collector’s item and a favorite gift item for those who can afford them. To date, a truly antique china doll costs somewhere between $400 and $800. There are even some that cost upwards of $1,000.

The Need for China Doll Repair

There are still some surviving china dolls that were produced during the first production runs back in the 1840s, as well as in the succeeding years. A lot of those dolls need antique doll repair. Once a quality doll repair is done, the doll will command a hefty price for those who want them for their collections. And there is no lack of people wanting to have their hands on these rare doll specimens.

What a Qualified China Doll Repair Specialist Can Do

There are professional doll repair companies that can refurbish a china doll no matter what damages it has suffered. Whether it’s the doll’s hair that has thinned out over time, the limbs that have been broken or pulled out of their sockets, the arms that have cracked due to wear and tear, or the clothes that needs patching or resewing, there are professional restorers out there who can design a new outfit for your doll.

China repair is not something a restorer who specializes in wood, cloth or plastic doll restoration can do, and vice versa. There are intricate steps that need to be done and special materials that need to be used. So before you decide on a professional doll repair specialist, contact them and find out what materials they work with. Any type of invisible restoration is a complicated and often pricey procedure, and doll restoration is no exception.

There are many ways of repairing and restoring a china doll and a professional restorer will be able to do whatever repair your china doll requires. He/she will be able to match the repair processes with the kind of doll you have, regarding its materials, design, color and shape. Normally, the materials used for a cold restoration process are plaster, clay and resin, and silicone. As for the color, the restorers prefer paints and glazes that are acrylic-based or solvent-based. It will all depend on the original materials your china doll is made of. Any missing doll segment will have to be reconstructed strictly following what is found in the original item.

The most intricate and complicated process is restoring the clothes, hair and other fine details of your doll. This part of doll repair will require a lot of artistic skills in terms of matching the original color and design of the fabric and the doll’s hair.

No matter whether you decide to restore you doll or not, avoid the temptation of gluing or restoring it yourself. It would be more expensive and take longer to have a professional fix your mistakes in addition to restoring the original damage.



  1. Mary Sarner says:

    None of the china parts are broken. The bands holding the limbs and head to the body have broken.
    Do you do this repair?

    • Hi there,

      Yes, we do. The approximate price for restringing is $85-!35, depending on what needs to be done.
      Please email us photos of the doll and its overall dimensions.

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