Collecting and Restoring Porcelain Dolls

Contact the Doll Repair Studio for all your restoration needs.  Here’s an incomplete list of porcelain and ceramic items we repair.

Dolls are not just for children! Porcelain doll collecting is one of the most popular hobbies in the world. It’s true that dolls transport us to our youth, to the age of innocence, to that place that time or age cannot touch. Most doll collectors, however, appreciate  the craftsmanship and the artistry of a doll.

Doll collecting can be very exciting, but addictive. There are many choices and the prices can run into thousands of dollars. There are dolls made by individual artists, limited edition dolls, china and ceramic dolls, and many, many other type of dolls.  There are also many doll clinics and doll repair shops that specialize in invisible and museum quality doll repair.  Do not discard or throw away a doll that may look like a child’s toy or a doll that has been passed on to you by your parent or grandparent.  It may be worth quite a bit of money.  If the doll is damaged,  do not attempt to restore it yourself. Unless you know what you’re doing you will damage it even more , creating more work for a professional restorer. Many porcelain repair specialists refuse to take on a doll repair job because they are unable to match the skill with which the doll had been originally created.

Luba Sokolina is doll collector and doll repairexpert who has been specializing in doll restoration for over twenty five years. If your want your doll restored with artistry and care, flawlessly and invisibly, contact Luel Restoration Studio.

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