Bare Essential Craft Supplies

Beginner crafters often wonder exactly what it is they need to get started on all the wonderful craft ideas they have stored away. They want a list of things they either already have or can find for a good, non-spendy, price that will at least get them through the initial crafting stages. Basically, they are in need of a list of the bare essential basic craft supplies that all crafters should be in possession of.

  • Scissors
    Scissors are definitely a basic necessity when it comes to crafting. However, you need not one but two types of scissors. You need one pair of regular scissors for you paper and ribbon jobs then you need fabric scissors for any fabric craft jobs.
  • Glue
    There are many different kinds of glue and to be a successful crafter you should probably have at least one of them. There are glue sticks, hot glue guns, Mod Podge and more.  
  • Ruler
    In need of a straight edge for your craft project? You can never go wrong by keeping a ruler handy, whether it is used for actual measuring or just for the straight edge they come in handy more often than not.
  • Paper
    Patterned paper, die-cut paper, colored paper, old book paper, worded paper, old scrap paper, lined paper, and even plain white paper are all good things to have in your basic craft supplies stash. Paper is probably one of the most used tools for many different crafts.
  • Tie Pieces
    Ribbon, twine, baker’s twin, lace, and other things that tie are great things to have in your craft supply stash.
  • Storage
    You need some kind of bag(s) or bin(s) to keep your supplies organized and in one place.
  • Paints and Brushes
    Every storage bin or closet needs an assortment of paints and brushes.
  • Writing Utensils
    Writing utensils are some of the biggest craft supply basics. These include; pencils, markers, pens, highlighters, Sharpies, charcoal pencils, watercolor pencils, colored pencils, etc.
  • Scrap Fabrics
    Lastly, your craft supplies could not be complete without a section for scraps of fabric. Save it all cause you never know when or how you might need it.
  • Now that you have all your basic crafting supplies you can get started on the many different craft projects you have running through your head. If you need help getting the idea juices flowing here are a few to get you started:

    • Scrapbook a Special Event
      Use paper, pictures, glue, stickers, stamps, fabric, scrap pieces, and memory stuff (ticket stubs, programs, cards) to scrapbook a special event in your life like a wedding or a birth.
    • Create a Mixed Media Project
      Mixed Media projects are great for anyone and everyone, you do not have to be a great artist to make or appreciate a fun mixed media project.
    • Home Décor
      From lighted pedestals, to painted canvases, to re-sanding and re-painting old furniture; home décor is a great avenue to go down to find fun craft projects.

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