Crafternoons – The New Craze!

There’s a craze sweeping the nation – it’s not new by any means though! Crafting has long been a hobby for many people of the older generation. Making and mending clothes was a necessity before the age of cheap clothing. Crafting is just something that fell out of fashion for a while but it’s back… with a vengeance! Youngsters everywhere are getting into and all sorts of other creative and crafty activities. It’s official – sewing is cool and is no longer reserved for old women in WI meetings!

If you’re organizing a get-together for you and your friends, why not make it into a crafternoon?! We’ll tell you all you need to know so you and your mates can get.

What is a Crafternoon?

Stick the kettle on, invite some pals over and keep each other company as you create! Everybody has new skills to bring to the table so you can all learn from each other. While you’re busy with your hands you can be busy with your mouths too, catching up on all the latest gossip and comparing crafty ideas. Make it a monthly event – you can take turns to host so that everybody gets a chance.

You’ll end up with a great mix of people, all creating clothes, scarves, teddy bears and works of art… all from different materials and using different techniques. It’s hugely inspiring!

What Do I Need?

All you need is a few basics like a sewing machine, some wool and thread and a few needles. Tell everyone to bring what they need too so you’ll end up with a pool of resources. Take any old craft magazines you have lying around and put them in the middle of the room – they are great for generating discussion and inspiration for new ideas. You’ll find that everyone will turn up with their projects, happily able to swap tips and tricks.

The only other thing you’ll need is a nice cake to go with your crafternoon tea! Crafting is fun but every now and again you’ll want to down tools for a cuppa, so make sure you have milk and teabags at the ready.

Who Should I Ask?

It’s best to start small and invite a few choice friends that are into crafting. But once you’re in the swing of it, why not throw it open to the general public? Pop an advert on a community advertising website or notice-board and see who turns up. Tell everybody to bring their own equipment and perhaps contribute a couple of dollars to the tea and coffee fund. You’ll be amazed at all the different people you meet.

Hosting a crafternoon is so much fun. You will learn so much from others around you – it’s like a master class that you don’t have to pay for. Crafting can be a solitary endeavor, and for those that crave company it can be lonely. Not with crafternoons! You’ll meet new friends and throw your social life into chaos – imagine all the other crafternoons that will start springing up!

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