7 Ways You Can Create More Art By Unleashing Your Creativity

Have you ever tried to draw something only to fail miserably because you were missing your creative spark? If you love to draw, paint, or create any artwork it’s important that your creativity is firing on all cylinders as often as possible. You can’t just wait until a light bulb comes on in your head because you have no idea when it will happen. There are some things you can do to boost your creativity and we’re going to take a closer look at them right now.

Try to remember your dreams

The real world is special, but when you enter the dream world it’s on another level altogether. We all dream multiple times per night and you spend a lot of time walking through the most majestic lands your subconscious mind can create. It seems a shame to waste the chance to become inspired by the dream worlds. You will definitely have a lot of ideas if you learn how to remember your dreams.

Carry a sketchbook with you

Inspiration can strike at any time and it’s usually when you don’t expect it. When you come up with a great idea in the coffee shop you don’t want to grab a pen and draw something on your paper napkin. It’s much easier if you teach yourself to walk about with a sketchbook at all times. Whenever you feel the need to sketch something you should do it before the moment has gone.

Look outwards for inspiration

If you love to draw pictures of other people you shouldn’t spend all of your time looking at other portraits. If you enjoy painting sunsets you should spend some time looking at the sunrise. The point I’m trying to make is that you don’t want to get caught inside a bubble. You can find inspiration in anything and it doesn’t necessarily need to be what you’re interested in.

Get up earlier

Sometimes it’s great sitting in front of a blank piece of paper while the rest of the country sleeps. It’s very quiet and you could hear someone shouting from a mile away. Your brain is used to being asleep at this time, so you find yourself connecting with your subconscious mind a lot easier. You should try it tomorrow and see if it sparks your imagination.

Broaden your horizons

Everyone usually follows a certain routine. They live life a certain way and rarely mix things up. If you want to start thinking differently you might have to start doing different things. Try to hang out with a new group of friends every once in a while. Go to that karate class you’ve been eyeing up for the last year. Just get out of the same tired routine you constantly find yourself in.

Just do something

If you don’t know what to draw you should start with a line or a circle. Just draw anything then add to it. Eventually your mind will start coming up with different ideas about what you can draw. Once your mind is buzzing with ideas you can then move over to that drawing you’ve been meaning to finish for weeks and you might just turn it into a masterpiece.

Listen to music

If you don’t already listen to a lot of music you should start now because it might be the answer you’ve been looking for. When you get caught up in a tune you go into some sort of meditative trance where ideas keep jumping out at you. It’s why a lot of people love listening to music while they’re working. Just make sure it’s not too loud so you can still concentrate on what you’re doing.

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