Secrets To Keeping Your Diamond Jewelry Sparkling!

Have you got a piece of diamond jewelry that you absolutely love, yet you can’t seem to maintain the high-shine it had when you first bought it? If so, you’re just like thousands of diamond lovers all over the world! Not only is it important to keep your diamonds sparkling for their looks, but also for their value. Over time diamonds can become dull and bland if not cared for properly, which will significantly decrease it’s value should you choose to sell it on. There’s something so enticing and brilliant about the shine of a diamond, so luckily we’ve compiled a list of a few techniques you can use to keep your jewelry looking shiny and new.

Take it off!

It seems so simple, yet it’s surprising how few women remove their diamond jewelry, particularly rings, when doing tasks such as housework and exercising. It’s hard to believe how much dirt can build up on your ring from things like dirty washing up water, mud when gardening or from dusting. However, all of these tasks can have a severely detrimental effect on your diamond, and before you know it there’ll be a dull stone where your previously high-shining diamond used to be.

When doing tasks like cleaning it’s extremely important to take off your ring due to the chemicals you use. These chemicals can attack the metal of your ring, which can eventually lead to the stone falling out of it’s setting. To ensure this doesn’t happen, take your ring off before cleaning, or invest in a pair of rubber gloves you can wear. If you remove your ring, this is the perfect opportunity for you to perform the next tip; home cleaning. It is also extremely important to remove your ring when applying make-up, lotions and hair products as these encourage grease build-up on your diamond, resulting in a dull look for your stone.


Although some women are worried that home cleaning will worsen the quality of their diamond, others swear by do-it-yourself techniques to maintain their diamond’s sparkle. There are a number of different options available, however the good old soap and water technique seems to be most popular by far!

Simply soak your diamond jewelry in warm soapy water for a short while and then using a baby toothbrush scrub the diamond. Be careful not to use a toothbrush with too hard bristles, as these could easily damage the settings for your stone. Focus the scrubbing on the prongs of your setting, as this is where there’ll be the largest build up or grease and dirt. Once finished, rinse your diamond under cold water and dry it using a soft cloth. Ammonia cleaners are also a popular choice, especially if your ring is particularly dirty. It can be used alongside water to soak your diamond, and then use a soft toothbrush to help scrub away any remaining dirt. If you don’t feel safe using these, you can purchase jewelry cleaning kits in jewelers and some department stores which come with a jewelry cleaning solution and brush.

You can also buy vibration cleaners which use waves to remove dirt from your diamond jewelry. This is a great option if your jewellery is particularly dirty, or if you don’t want to clean your jewelry every week. However, vibration cleaners can loosen the stones in their settings, particularly with older jewelry, so use with caution.

Professional Cleaning

If you’re worried about things such as damaging your stone or it coming out of it’s setting then luckily there’s an option for you too: professional cleaning. You can take your diamond jewelry into any local jewelers  such as Brisbane diamond merchants, and they’ll be able to clean it for you, resorting it back to it’s former glory. Although it may be expensive, you know that your jewelry is in good hands. It also allows the jeweler to check your jewelry for any damage such as a loose setting or damaged prongs.

The only sure fire way to keeping your diamond sparkling and glamorous is with regular cleaning. Using the home cleaning techniques once a week will not only keep the shine, but maintain the quality of your diamond jewelry for years to come, meaning you can enjoy it in decades to come just as much as you did when you first bought it!

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