Meissen Repair: A Brief Overview

Even a mention of the word “Meissen” has serious collectors nodding and sighing. Why? Because I conjures up the rich history of the art. According to archaeologists, Meissen, like Chinese porcelain which consists of kaolin, feldspar, quartz and pentose, is the first hard-paste porcelain brand manufactured outside Asia. It was made in Europe soon after the porcelain-making technique was discovered by the alchemist Johann Friedrich Böttger, who had been  under the patronage of the Elector of Saxony. Initially, the Elector’s multi-figurine East Asian collection in Dresden was painstakingly reproduced using the new method.  Extensive ranges of domestic ware followed – monkeys, seals, flowers, and intricate ornaments displaying flowers, vistas, and even insects. The style was copied by all 18th-century manufacturers.

It is no wonder then that in every collector’s treasured corner will be at least one Meissen porcelain item. The fact that Meissen porcelain is treasured and valued due to its antique worth means that as a ceramic enthusiast every piece would be a collector’s dream. Many collectors purchase damaged items  and spend quite a bit of money on Meissen repair so they can pass on the valuable pieces to their children or grandchildren.

However, as with any piece based on traditional art, maintaining these invaluable items could present a problem as they are quite delicate and fragile. For this reason, Meissen repair is evolving into its own art form. Many collectors would love to restore their pieces to their former glorious gleaming past while at the same time keeping their financial worth intact. Meissen items are known for their trademark which is in the form of two blue crossed swords.

Why Bother with Meissen Repair?

For a contemporary designer, certain antique items add no value unless they are classical and coveted items such as Meissen porcelain. Meissen brings an aesthetic value and functionality into your home which is quite invaluable. Unlike soft porcelain, hard paste Meissen pieces use the famous “secret” ingredient in the form of kaolin causing it to become a hard paste type of porcelain. These pieces can withstand cleaning, bonding and even gluing due to their strong texture. Meissen designs are also quite elaborate adding to the décor of your home. For a brand that has existed since the 1700s you will be guaranteed of quality from any item that bears the blue swords as its trademark.

Meissen Repair Basics

Now that you understand the importance of caring for and looking after your Meissen pieces, you need to grasp the importance of the restoration of Meissen. If you wish to repair your Meissen on your own, be aware that it is a very skilled and time-consuming task. You can work on the broken pieces by using epoxy glue and a toothbrush to glue the pieces back together again. Sculpting by hand is also possible on jarred edges to even and restore the design seamlessly.

It is always best though to seek the aid of a Meissen repair expert instead, as they fully understand the intricacies involved with fixing up broken Meissen items. Professional workmanship will allow your items to once again appear as brand new. A professional would begin by matching and recreating the base color of your Meissen piece. After that is completed the particular design will have to be matched and duplicated. As Meissen items are so intricately designed the restoration of it requires great skill and diligence on the expert’s part.

It is always best to hire an experienced Meissen repair artist to finish the job but if you wish to attempt working on it by yourself, make sure you fully comprehend the details behind restoring and repairing Meissen porcelain.

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