Developing Original Jewelry Concepts And Successfully Selling Them Online

If you take a close look at the title of this article you may get the wrong impression that developing concepts automatically means that you can successfully sell them. In actuality, you will need to develop both skills separately in order to make a living selling jewelry online.

Even if you have the most skillful and innovative designs, without a proper awareness of the way the online jewelry market behaves and a basic understanding of what people want to buy and how to provide correct customer service, it will be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to succeed.

That being said, if you manage to take into consideration the commercial aspects and demands of the online market and integrate them into the development and design stage, you will considerably increase your chances of successfully selling your jewelry.

Coming up with Original Designs that will actually sell

I always say that success is achieved when inspiration and careful research are combined. Researching the market thoroughly to check what is in demand can help you to direct your creative energies in the right direction.

Designs that prove to be internet best sellers normally involve simple shapes and ideas with an innovative twist.

Researching past successes to examine and understand how other artists found a way to bring their special innovative angle to the public will help your own success.

Theme Oriented Jewelry

Theme oriented jewelry are selling well because of the nature of search oriented websites that offer them for sale. Jewelry that answer to a description such as “skull shaped ring” or “unicorn necklace” are more likely to get more exposure because they are more likely to be searched for. The trick is to find a way to combine your own creativity and inventiveness with commercial concepts that are likely to be found and liked online.

Keeping a Creative Dialogue with your Clients

This is something that has helped me to increase sales in various online platforms. Sometime, in order to understand what the customers truly want to buy, all you need to do is ask them. Allow both potential customers and current customers to send you with suggestions and requests. There is nothing that online shoppers like more than interactivity and you will be amazed by some of the original offers that you will receive. Some of the suggestions that you will get may be very simple to create; others may already be in stock while on rare occasions you may even get the chance to develop something truly unique and original.

Learning to Create Theme Oriented Jewelry

As already mentioned above, theme oriented jewelry have a better chance to sell well online. I find that the best way to create original theme oriented pieces is to draw inspiration from various art and design eras. For example, Egyptian art and the art of the Baroque age can provide you with numerous theme oriented design ideas that you can draw inspiration from. Sometimes you will be amazed to discover that the past can offer you a lot more innovative creative opportunities than the present.

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