Repair of Fukagawa Seiji Porcelain

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FUKAGAWA PORCELAIN MFG. CO., LTD. is the world-famous  manufacturer of Arita Yaki, or the Arita Ware.  The Arita Porcelain was first baked in Arita, Japan in early 1800s. The porcelain was exported from the Imari Port, the name of “Old Imari” came to be known in Europe.


The Fukagawa “Blue Flow” on the bright white porcelain surface is a challenge to recreate, but if it’s done right by an expert restorer, the restoraiton is invisible to the naked eye. The trick is to match the color first, the replicated the fine blue before airbrushing the restored part and applying a thin coat of glaze.


If you’re a collector of Fukawaga Porcelain or Chinese Porcelain, and are wondering whether your items can be brought back to their original state after they have been damaged, wonder no further.

Luba Sokolina, the head restorer at Luel Restoration Studio has the experience and the talent to bring back your damaged porcelain and ceramic items back to life.

Luel Restoration Studio – Home


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