Soft-Paste Porcelain Restoration

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Eearlier this month Luba restored a beautiful Esther Marion piece, which is now on display at the Town Hall of the City of Turbeville, SC. Read more about it

In the 16th century Europeans set out to discover the “secret” of true porcelain, which was popular in China. But they lacked the right ingredients, mainly “kaolin”, and instead experimented with various mixtures of clay and powdered glass. “Soft paste” porcelain is softer than “hard paste” porcelain because it’s fired at a lower temperature. Soft paste porcelain restoration requires lots of patience and attention to detail because the glaze is clear and thick, it often forms in pools. The material is more fragile than hard-paste porcelain, so bonding the piece takes longer and requires a combination of various Epoxys. 

Contact Luel Restoration Studio for your porcelain and ceramic restoration needs. We provide free estimates and our restoraiton and repair turnaround time is around four weeks depending on the severity of the damage. 

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