Why Try Hummel Figurine Repair?

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Putting aside the very real sentimental value of a special family Hummel figurine, we will focus here on the monetary value of a Hummel piece.

Of course, if you’re not sure what you have, you will need to determine if your Hummel figurine is authentic. The best is to take your piece to an expert, but for a quick primer in what to look for, we offer suggestions …

There are definite marks for identification to determine if your figurine, bell or plate is a genuine Hummel. Many years ago, Sister Hummel requested that her stamp of approval appear on every piece. Under the board of her convent, approvals are made to this day with her mark incised on every piece.

There is also a mold number incised on the bottom of each Hummel figurine at the factory.

Although the Goebel trademark has evolved over the years, there is the official Goebel trademark stamp on the bottom of every figurine.

Hummel figurines are highly sought after by collectors. Several pieces are valued in the hundreds or thousands of dollars each. Figurines such as “For Father,” “Little Goat Herder,” and “Going to Grandmas” are examples of the value of Hummel collectibles.

As with all collectibles and ceramic art, condition and rarity are important factors in the value. If you have a genuine piece that may be showing some age or may need a repair for a crack or chip, the ceramic repair will be a definite investment in the current or future value of the piece.

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