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Luba SokolinaLuba Sokolina is an internationally renowned porcelain and ceramic restoration expert.

Luba was born in Moscow, Russia, where she graduated from the Central State Art School with a major in in Fine Arts & Sculpting, and a minor in Antique & Porcelain Restoration. For several years she worked in the art department at Mosfilm (Moscow Film Studio) and as an assistant to the late Ukrainian sculptor and ceramic restorer, Aleksandr Gunko.

Luba came to the United States in 1990 and has worked with respected antique dealers and galleries in New York City, as well as private ceramic and porcelain collectors in the United States, Australia and Europe.

Luba has extensive experience and knowledge in Restoration and Conservation of Ceramics and Porcelain, Majolica, Terra Cotta and China, Pottery, Family Heirlooms and Sentimentals, Ceramic and Porcelain Dolls, Oriental Pottery, and Glass.

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Luba is a member of AntiqueRestorers.com, Majolica International Society, American Pottery Association.

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