Doll Clothes: Design and Repair

doll clothes

Restored doll with a new outfit

What’s the point of having a doll if you don’t have clothes for it and can’t dress it up in various outfits? At Luel Restoration Studio we design, cut and sew doll clothes and outfits of your choice and whatever best suits your doll. However, if you wish to create an outfit for your doll without relying on our services, that’s cool too.  But first you need to create a clothing pattern. Below are the basic steps our chief restorer and proud doll collector Luba Sokolina recommends:

Step 1: Grab a measuring tape and measure the overall height of the doll, its body and legs.

Step 2: Now you need the circumference of the doll’s neck, arms, chest, hips, and legs. The best tape to use for this is a soft cloth measuring tape.

Step 3:  Next, sketch a rough template of the body parts (in no particular order).

Step 4:  Cut out your sketches and trace them on cardboard.  Be sure to use clear labels for each body part.  Save them in a folder.

This is Claire. She didn’t have the body, let alone the clothes.  The doll belonged to the client’s mother, who wanted to hold her favorite doll again, which is at least 60 years old. First we designed and constructed the body, and then designed and cut the clothes. 

restored doll

Now, the real work begins.  Here’s an excellent WikiHow primer on cutting and sewing doll clothes.  It’s not too complicated if you have the knack for it.  Some writers like throw this cliche around: “Writing serious stuff is not as hard as writing comedy.”  True, if you don’t have a sense of humor or don’t know how to express yourself in a funny way. Not everyone can. Similarly, not everyone is good with needles and scissors.

That’s why we’re here. Surprise!