Invisible Repair and Restoration of Ceramic Ware

Ceramics have been an important part of day to day life for centuries. Early man found that certain types of clay, when heated and prepared properly, could be formed into durable and useful objects and figurines. From heavy use pots and vases, to one of a kind figurines and antiques, ceramics have remained at the forefront of every major household throughout the world.

The reasons for the widespread appeal of ceramics are many and varied. Ceramics, by definition, can include many different types of materials used in a wide variety of ways. Whether it is a priceless antique or a sentimental heirloom, most families have at least one ceramic piece they treasure.

While people have continued to use ceramics in day to day life through the centuries, few people ever considered the toll this use would take without constant ceramic restoration and conservation.


As ceramics age, their monetary and sentimental value increases. Unfortunately, so does the number and types of cracks and chips that may appear. This invariably creates small cracks or chips in the surface that may affect not only the aesthetic appeal, but the overall value of the piece. Fortunately, ceramic repair means that there is no reason to throw out your beloved figurine or pottery just yet.


Ceramic repair may sound daunting, but there are trained experts available to help you restore your figurines or priceless antiques back to their former glory. If you’ve found that your piece is suffering from cracks or entirely missing pieces, the ceramic restoration experts at Luel Restoration Studio can help.

Using a cutting edge process called invisible restoration, the individuals can glue back missing pieces and fill in tiny cracks. While these repairs may be extensive, they will hardly be noticeable to the untrained eye.

Secondly, ceramic restoration can entail the creative use of paints and textures to restore a piece’s color or pattern. Using similar techniques to the ones used to fill cracks, Luel’s experts can identically match the style and pattern of the original ceramic piece. This recreation will go beyond appearance, all the way to creating a matching texture that will be almost indistinguishable from the original piece.

After the repair is complete, the ceramic restoration artist at Luel Restoration Studio will work with you to ensure that the piece is able to stand up to future deterioration. Our skilled expert will work to strengthen particularly weak areas of the piece, preventing futures cracks and chips. All repairs and restorations should be able to bring the piece back to its original appearance and integrity without changing the object’s overall substance.

No matter how easy the repair may seem, never attempt a ceramic repair on your own.

Only a trained and skilled expert can recognize the complexities and nuances of your pieces and recommend the most up to date repair options. A poorly done repair can not only damage your piece more, it may render the entire ceramic figurine or pottery beyond repair. This will not only destroy a sentimental heirloom, it will render your priceless ceramic antique worthless.

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