Antique Doll Repair: They Whys and the Hows

Should you Repair your bisque or porcelain doll?

You’ve had it for years, and your mother or your sister had it before you. Maybe your grandfather gave it to your grandmother on their honeymoon. Your mother inherited it and passed it on to you. Now you want to leave it for your daughter or niece.  It’s not just a bisque doll – it’s a member of your family. It even has a name – Lulu.

Last week your cat jumped up to catch a flashlight shadow and knocked Lulu off the mantel. It was in perfect condition just a minute ago. But now its head is broken into several pieces, one of the eyes fell into the skull, and there’s a large chip on her foot.  Sure, there are dolls out there that look similar to yours. You can buy one on eBay or other consumer sites. You can even barter one out from a doll hospital. But would it be your doll? The one grandpa gave grandma a hundred years ago? Would It have the history, the personality, the sentimental value?  If the answer is “no”, then Lulu deserves to be repaired by a qualified porcelain restoration studio.

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Broken Doll

Broken Doll


  1. Nancy Engman says:

    This is 1952, 18″ Madam Alexander Doll, the Glamour Girls series. Years ago my dog got hold of her and ruined her hat, nylons, etc. She’s been sitting in a bag waiting to be restored yet again. Her head is no longer attached to her body and she needs new elastic throughout. Her dress was repaired in 1988, but her nylons, undies, etc. need replacing. I purchased another hat, but it needs to be black and wrapped under her chin to resemble her original look. I can’t find any photo’s of her on the internet! I saved all the salvageable things I could at the time, but she’s in need of an overhall. I can send photo’s. Are you located in San Diego?

    • Hi Nancy,

      We’re in New York City and work with clients all over the world. Many, many satisfied clients in Southern Cal.
      If you email us photos and measurements of your damaged doll, we’ll respond with an estimate.
      Please mail the photos and measurements to


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