China Repair: Why You Need to Consider It

Restoring Your Treasures to Their Original Condition

If you are like most people, you will not just readily discard an expensive item even if it is already old and dusty. This is particularly true with precious chinaware, whether it is a vase, plate or a decorative item. But you need to take good care of such items for they will easily look old if they are left to gather dust somewhere. Sometimes they may even develop cracks or chips on their edges as time goes by. If this happens, it will need to undergo china repair so that its beauty and integrity will be restored.


Why Repair of China Matters

The process of creating china vases, plates and similar items are very intricate and labor intensive. In fact, the making of exquisite china is regarded as an artisan’s work since the final china pieces really exude beauty and elegance. Fine and detailed artwork is often associated with these expensive items. Because of the intricacies in their creation, the production of some of the earlier styles is discontinued. In time they become rare and therefore expensive. Thus, if you own a set of really old china, it will be unwise for you to just throw them to the waste bin. It would be best if you will ask a china porcelain repair specialist to bring it back to its original state.

Making Them Look Brand New

It is not difficult to bring old chinaware back to its original form and shape. Even if the vase or the plate has broken into several pieces, it can be repaired to the extent that the repaired sections cannot be discerned.
China repair is usually done in two ways: a) by using the Museum Quality Repair method, and b) by using the Invisible Repair method. In the first method, the main focus is in gluing and bonding the separated sections of the china. There is not much effort in concealing the hairline cracks and other dents and ugly marks on the surface of the item. These are not necessary since the restored piece is made to appear old just like the items you see in a museum.

However, in the “Invisible Repair” of china, great effort is made to hide all the hairline cracks and other ugly marks on the surface of the item. In addition to the gluing and bonding of the separated sections, the restorer also replicates the original design and colors of the china. And as a finishing touch, he will airbrush and glaze the surface of the item. When the china porcelain repair is completed, you will not be able to see the hairline cracks and the bonded sections even if you put the item under ultraviolet light.

Old China is Highly Valuable

Don’t throw away your old china. There are not many professional restorers who have the experience and expertise you’re looking for; but they are out there. And you can certainly find someone who can do excellent china repair at reasonable service charges.

When searching for a qualified restorer, be sure to visit their website first before you contact them. Do they have an About Us page? A client’s Testimonial page? How about a Portfolio? Remember that it’s more economically feasible to pay more money and do it right than having to restore your item twice or even three times because of the ineptitude of someone who pretends to be a professional.

Your old china will even become more expensive. Wouldn’t it be nice to own rare and expensive items?

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