Tips For Designing Custom Jewelry

Now that you have found the woman you want to marry, you need find the ring that encapsulates everything she means to you.

If wedding bells are in your future, you may be daunted by the seemingly momentous task of finding the ideal engagement ring and wedding band. Ring selection is by no means as simple as walking up to a counter and purchasing the first gem that catches your eye. It has taken you countless years to find your beloved, so the ring you choose should be given significant thought and consideration. You want to find a piece of jewelry that communicates all that you feel for her, all the while reflecting her own personal tastes and character.

If you are looking for something truly one of a kind, consider investing in a custom ring. Custom jewelry is always a wonderful way to tell someone that you’re willing to go above and beyond for them because they are unlike the rest.

If you’re considering custom jewelry, here are three things to keep in mind:

  • Think outside the box: If you are going to invest in a personalized ring, don’t be rigid, but rather be willing to stray away from the tried and true. White diamonds inlaid in gold are, of course, a stunning and classic look, but they are not the only option. Quality pearls may be a great alternative to a single diamond, giving a vintage-inspired look. Or you may want to consider gemstones. Gemstones are valuable and beautiful, from amethyst or emerald to the most prized ruby. Gems have been adorning royalty around the world for centuries.
  • Don’t be afraid to be daring and experiment with color: Diamonds and gemstones are available in hues across the color spectrum. A splash of color can bring a piece of jewelry to life, giving it a youthful glimmer. When you opt for a colored stone rather than a simple white, you have the option to play with contrast. For example, if you are considering pink sapphire engagement rings, you could inlay the bright, slightly rouge gem in black gold. The dark band against the striking sapphire will surely catch the envious glances of others.
  • Don’t shy away from the extraordinary: Like colored diamonds or gemstones, black diamonds are daring and make quite a statement. Also like colored diamonds, in order to really bring out the beauty in a black diamond, you need to play with contrast. Inlay a raven-colored stone in white gold to truly make it pop. Or you could consider embedding small white diamonds in a black band, and then adorning it with a dramatic, ebony, princess cut stone. The look is high fashion and highbrow, and sure to impress even the most discerning of critics.

No matter what your bride-to-be’s style may be, you will surely be able to find a ring that she will adore throughout your marriage. While the ring isn’t the most important thing about an engagement – your love for each other is – it can be the perfect encapsulation of how you view and feel about your beloved woman.

Nina is a jewelry designer who loves to share her flair for the unique and dramatic with her clients, especially her love for. She hopes readers will take a chance and design jewelry for their beloved fiancees that will truly speak to their unique personalities, as individuals and as a couple.

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