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Meissen Porcelain is created by Germany’s premier manufacturer of fine porcelain tableware, giftware and hand-painted porcelain. They have been in continuous operation since 1710 in the town of Meissen, fifteen miles northwest of Dresden, Germany.

Today, they produce more than 175,000 items from about 200,000 different forms – some forms dating back to the early eighteenth century.

Meissen Porcelain is sold worldwide, and Meissen Porcelain Incorporated, located in New York, distributes throughout the North American market.

The focus of Meissen porcelain production has always been quality. Meissen is dedicated to handcrafting and to a balance of tradition and innovation.

At Luel Restoration Studio, we have extensive experience in Meissen porcelain repair.  We combine the skills of craftsmanship with advanced technology to bring damaged porcelain back to life.

We have the great artistic skill and experience needed to bring your heirloom or special porcelain piece back to it former beauty and value, making cracks and chips invisible to the eye.  Often times, we create missing pieces to the amazement of the porcelain owner.  Sculpting by hand and flawless color match painting are our specialties.

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