Furnishings You Need In The Modern Doll House

The doll house is a timeless toy that generations have grown up loving. They’re great for encouraging children’s creativity and imagination, as well instilling a love in them for the intricate details the best doll houses feature, with everything down to the light fittings being sculpted.

However, with the world changing so quickly around is most dolls’ houses these days don’t actually resemble a world that our children will recognize. If we’re going to continue to pass on this love of all things miniature to the next generation, we’re going to have to bring in all the mod cons to create a dolls’ that’s a bit less Downton Abbey.


Obviously your dolls’ house is going to have a PC.  80% of houses in the UK have internet access now, so there’s got to be at least one computer to access it. However, a clunky desktop PC like this isn’t going to do the trick:

The fact is that we’ve got used to being able to carry out computers, and to having one each rather than having to share. So as well as your one desktop computer, at least every adult in the house should have their own laptop miniature.

Home Entertainment

Often when children are laying out their dolls’ houses these days they get confused because what are you supposed to point the furniture at? The fireplace? Who can even afford to keep a fireplace running anymore.

No, if you want your dolls’ house to look respectable it will need a little bitty massive home cinema or the very least a tiny plasma screen. Then all the dolls can sit on the sofa facing the massive home cinema, with their laptops on their laps, where they’re each chatting on Doll Facebook – just like a real loving family.

White Goods

Victorian style stoves won’t cut it anymore. A modern dolls house needs to have a proper electric hobbed cooker as well as a decent dishwasher, because nobody’s going to want to do this dishes while their sat with their laptops in front of their giant home cinema.

Improvised Furnishings

Of course, there are yet more things that every house should have, but which dolls’ house furnishings manufacturers haven’t yet caught up with. A tiny white rectangle of cardboard, for instance, is a great way to equip your dolls with the latest iPad (or, with a small piece of cardboard, an iPad mini).

By creating a tiny white box, and cutting the ends off some white pipe cleaners to place in your dolls’ hands, you can improve your home entertainment system by giving them a wee Nintendo Wii. Enjoyed some mince or apple pies lately? Clean out the tin foil tins and equip the house with a hot tub!

After all, although kids love it when their dolls’ house are recognizable as somewhere they might live, there’s no reason why a little bit of fantasy can’t be involved as well. For the kids, you understand…

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