Selling Original Self Made Jewelry Online

So you’ve taken a jewelry making class, read books about the subject and watched all the instructional videos that you could find. Now you feel that the time has come to take your jewelry making to a professional level and start selling your designs.

As you can probably imagine, this is the tricky part. Even if you’ve reached a very high level of craftsmanship, finding potential clients outside of your immediate friends and relatives circle may prove difficult, if not impossible.

This is, of course, where the internet can help you and present you with some unique opportunities.

But in order to be successful in online jewelry sales and utilize the opportunities that the online market can give you, you will need to do some research and understand the way various sales platforms work.

You will also need to make the decision whether you want to promote your own personal website or blog or use established e-commerce websites to sell your jewelry designs.

I will take a closer look at the particular opportunities that e-commerce websites will offer you.

Finding your Online Opportunities

Before you actually begin to make any decisions, and even before you begin to design and create the jewelry you would like to sell, you will need to do a lot of research online in order to locate your opportunities.

The first think to do is to look for places that offer items similar to the ones you design for sale. Locating such websites is not enough. You will need to follow the sales activity for at least a few days, check what is selling well and items are not in demand.

This will give you the opportunity to modify your design work and create a successful marriage between your personal artistic preferences and the commercial aspects that are necessary in order to generate some sales.

Also, check what customer service, delivery and insurance options successful sellers offer, if it worked for them then it will probably work for you too.

Generating Sales

Once you’ve identified websites and services that will allow you to offer your jewelry designs for sale, you will need to upload and describe your products in a way that will improve their chances to be discovered by online shoppers.

It goes without saying that you will need to use good quality photos of your products. You may even want to consider using the services of a professional in order to create some striking images of your jewelry. Remember, that in a virtual shop this is the only way for a potential buyer to get an impression of your work.

Another very important aspect has to do with writing correct and informative descriptions that will help users to locate your products.

Finally, be sure that you publish a very detailed terms and conditions section in each and every one of your product pages including, insurance options, shipping fees and a returns policy. This will help you to avoid potential customer service related problems and resolve complaints with ease.

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